mushrooms and toadstools

mushrooms and toadstools
Types of mushroom and toadstool include:
beefsteak fungus
button mushroom
chestnut boletus
clouded agaric
common morel
cramp ball
cultivated mushroom
dingy agaric
elf cup
fairy ring
gypsy mushroom
honey fungus
horn of plenty
horse mushroom
lawyer's wig
man on horseback
march mushroom
meadow mushroom
oyster mushroom
parasol mushroom
penny bun
saffron milk cap
shaggy parasol
slippery jack
sweetbread mushroom
trumpet agaric
velvet shank
winter mushroom
wood hedgehog
common ink cap
copper trumpet
death cap
destroying angel
devil's boletus
earth ball
false morel
fly agaric
mower's mushroom
panther cap
purple boletus
satan's mushroom
shaggy milk cap
stinking parasol
sulphur tuft
verdigris agaric
woolly milk cap
yellow-staining mushroom

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